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Do you have any old VHS tapes that hold important memories?  Let Juan convert it from that old media to electronic format and/or DVD!! 


  1. Complete the order form below.
  2. Provide us your tapes:
    • If local to Portland, IN, we can schedule a pick up
    • If outside of the area, you can mail/ship your tapes to the following address:
      • Juan’s Media Conversion, 1486 East State Road 26, Portland, IN 47371
  3. Within 2-4 weeks (depending on number of existing orders), your videos will be converted to the format of your choice:  DVD and/or electronic download.
  4. Once your order is completed, payment will be required.  We will send you an email with the total amount due, which may include return shipping costs (if applicable).
  5.  After payment is received via the method chosen on your order form, we will present your original and converted media!
      • If DVD was chosen, you will receive discs corresponding to the original tapes.
      • If electronic download was chosen, we will upload and share your media files via a secure album on Google Photos that allows for direct download to your computer or device.  Look for an email link to this.
      • Original media will be returned to you.


Tape – $10 (covers cost to play and convert video from a single tape)

OPTIONS (Choose at least 1)

  • DVD – $2.00 per tape
  • Electronic download – $2 per tape converted
  • USB Flash Drive – $10 (Get all your videos on a single flash drive for safe keeping and transfer to your computer!)


If you have any questions, contact us on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JuansMediaConversion OR send an email to jpmedia@wiggsworld.com