Friends back to Guatemala

Our friends, Jody Elslager along with Nate and Rachel Brown, have traveled back and forth to Guatemala for the past several years.  They have a passion for sharing God’s love to orphans and are ambassadors of the foreign eXchange ministry at Maryland Community Church.  Yesterday, the 3 of them arrived back in Guatemala along with Pastor Scot Longyear and Shawn Wallace.  I’m especially excited to see Shawn, a good friend from TH, making his much anticipated first visit to meet the children we love so much.  Please pray for all of them as they will be carrying out God’s work that He has planned for them this week. 

Since each are avid bloggers, they have their own websites where you can follow stories from their journey along with pictures and video.  I’m sure you’ll see Juan Pablo on some of their posts 🙂

Here are the links to their sites: Shawn, Scot, Nate & Rachael, and Jody

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