Spiderman @ The Rock

Emily and I asked the Rock, our church in Portland, for donations of kids socks, underwear, and costumes for the trip to Guatemala.  This week, we spoke with the children who came to VBS and challenged them to bring in these same items.  We arranged individual suitcases for boys and girls donations during VBS and the kids filled them up!  Overall, there were 1,040 pairs of socks and underwear!  It was promised them that if the suitcases were filled, a special guest would come to see them at church on Sunday.  The promise was fulfilled as Spiderman dropped in to say a few words, pick up the donations, then visit with the children after church in the park.  Some didn’t know how to take Spidey, but most gave him hugs and high fives.  It was definitely rewarding to see the children’s faces light up to see one of their favorite super heroes.  Just glad I was the one in the tights :)  I told Pastor Jeff that this was probably the first time Spiderman has ever been in church.  Who knows, maybe he’ll swing back in one day, but next, it’s off to Guatemala!

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