Creation Museum

Today, we visited the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.  The museum was an awesome display of God’s wonder of Creation from a biblical perspective.  There was information wall to wall to support the Truth of the world’s existence and everything in it.  Throughout, there were comparisons of the world’s view of evolution vs. facts found in the Bible.  Today, many scientists have given up on accepting their predecessors’ view on evolution and are accepting the fact that only a creative Designer could have formed all that we see.  I definitely recommend a visit to this museum for those who are believers and even those who question what happened ~ 6,000 years ago. 

Through our visit, I was reminded of the passage from Psalm 19:1 –

The heavens declare the glory of God;  the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

Indy Mini 2008 – Registered!

Most people plan for a day of shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  Not us.  Instead, we sign up for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon for the Spring of 2008.  This will be the 2nd race for me and the 3rd for Emily.  In 2006, we ran together and finished at 2 hours and 32 minutes.  Here’s a shot of me keeping up with the Kenyans:


We have some friends running in the upcoming race, so we’ll have some company to train or run along side.  Regardless, it’s time to start training ….

Jeremy – The French Pop Star

On Thanksgiving day, my brother Jeremy decided to show off what he has learned in his high school French class by singing along to a tune by Celine Dion and some male vocalist.  I gotta give him credit for understanding the words… pretty funny though.